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SBLUG InstallFast FAQ 

Q: When is our next Linux InstallFest?

A: Watch out, the SBLUG Fall 2010 Installfest quickly approaches!

   Our next Linux Installfest will be on the afternoon of Saturday October 23rd.

Q: Where is our next Linux InstallFest?

A: We'll be at a new location, which will NOT involve lugging computers
   up and down stairs (those of you who came to recent Installfests feel
   free to cheer with me: Yay!)

   New location: 5951 Encina Rd. #107

Q: Who should come to our Linux InstallFest?

A: Your friends who have expressed interest in trying out Linux but haven't 
   yet gotten around to it. Your family members who are getting 
   tired of what spyware does to Windows boxes. And last but not least, YOU!

   All are welcome to drop by the InstallFest to watch, help out, receive 
   help on getting some ornery piece of hardware to work under Linux,
   or all of the above.